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Greg is a consummate professional who has consistently demonstrated innovative strategies to address generational and change management issues, across an international stage. His expertise in talent identification, development and management is and will continue to be much sort after by organisation seeking to optimise the performance and effectiveness of their organisations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Greg and his company.

I had the privilege of being trained by Greg a number of years ago. Aside from his obvious technical skills, Greg has a manner about him that makes you realise he is passionate about what he does and genuine about sharing his knowledge and lessons with you. I have received training from many people over the course of my career and I can’t say I remember many of them but I remember Greg. I’d recommend him to be the provider of individual or organisational development.

Greg has stayed in contact with me since we met more than a decade ago after I attended a leadership training course in Singapore where he was the trainer. He has been providing me with very useful information and leadership training material periodically.

Greg certainly left a deep impression on me with the expertise he shows in his field and his personable nature.

Greg is the best instructor that I have known since 2008, he is a very informative and friendly who does not hesitate to share any information or articles in related to his profession. His lessons are very fun-filled, interesting and most of all I’ve learnt a lot from Greg in building up personal skills in Talent Management, Leadership and Reward Strategies in a Down-turning Economy and a lot more.

Greg was one of the best consultants we have utilised during the development of Managerial Training. Greg show’ s a professional level of advisory services in training and development – his follow up service is remarkable.

Your course (one of many training courses I have attended recently), was by far the most informative on management concepts and tools.

It has been useful in my workplace and beneficial to my personal development.

Thank you for sharing!

I have known Greg, both professionally and personally for more than 10 years. During that time, Greg has always been committed to trying to help others to realise their own potential and to promote ‘ outward thinking’ amongst many of us who can lean toward regimentation.

Greg is a very open and honest person who I have been able to discuss business issues with, having total confidence in his impartiality and integrity. I would have no hesitation to employ Greg within my organisation, or to recommend his work to others.

Greg gave my employer great service in management training – we developed new skills and awareness.

This course helped in a current “real-life” situation. It was great to get insight into people’ s working styles – including my own.

Greg has always provided sound advice and counsel based on his wealth of experience. A positive and creative thinker.

Through attendance at The Management Program, I gained some really useful insights into my personal leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement. Greg’s real commitment to his work made a lasting impression.

An excellent course that provided real solutions. Relevant to the workplace and an inspirational three days.

Greg is a great organizer and a wonderful man by nature. I am deeply touched by his eloquence of power. Basically, I came across him when he visited Bangladesh to conduct a training program invited by KAFCO.

Over the years, I had lot of Email correspondences and every time I was impressed to observe his innovative bent of mind. He is capable and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend for assigning him any mammoth task which I believe he will accomplish successfully.

Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for the past few days in Singapore. The course was extremely useful, effective and enjoyable. My colleagues and myself got a lot out of it and are now really “buzzed”. Thanks again for your guidance.

It is often easy to get lost in the woods and miss the forest…I now live and breathe innovation. Cheers!

Greg and I worked together as we developed a program for my organisation. The program was an innovative way to assess the competence at all levels of front line managers using naturally occurring evidence. It was a unique and innovative way to roll out new corporate initiatives and developing skills gap analysis on all members of staff with front line responsibilities. I found Greg to be a very forthright colleague who was able to help others work well beyond their perceived level of ability.

His no nonsense but amiable way of working with people meant that people were willing to go the extra step to meet his goals. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Greg as he became an integral part of the development team and then went on to work with the individuals as they worked through their respective portfolios of evidence.

Without a doubt, the most beneficial training course I have ever been on. Fantastic learning experience into concepts of management and leadership.

I had visited the Corporate Learning Solutions website before and was impressed with the content and found much of the information also relevant to the South African context.

But what impressed me the most (so far) is that you have taken the time to follow up and to contact MRoA management after the course you have run in South Africa for our operational management (our operational managers have provided excellent feedback on your course). Now you are providing some free “value add” by giving us access to the global salary survey.

This is what is setting Corporate Learning Solutions apart from a number of other business schools who teach the latest insights.

Very strong in the “real world” scenarios. Great care in method of presentation. Great cross section of industry allowed for different points of view.

Good reminder of the things which are most important to create work life balance.

Loved it, thought it was worth every minute.



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